Over the years, we at Shri Badrinarain Alloys & Steel Limited (Brand- SHRICON) have successfully achieved a remarkable reputation for our company for delivering best quality, flexibility and reliability of our products and range of services. Satisfaction of our customers and other stakeholders has been our prime focus and motivation which drives us to put our best foot forward.

Since its inception SBASL has been innovating and developing radical solutions in the Iron & Steel Industry. Our latest incorporation is Thermex Technology for rolling Highest grades of TMT Bars through H & K (India) in collaboration with HSE, Germany. We introduced 500D TMT RE-BARS with highest standards enabling reduction of Phosphorus & Sulphur which are harmful impurities.

SBASL 500D TMT RE-BARS have ability to resist up to 600C heat and have the requisite quality & durability for architectural excellence.

Today as our business grows to shape new horizons for both our own people and the community which we serve, we remain committed to our philosophy of producing high quality products which in compliance with all the requisite standards, developing mutually beneficial partnerships with our customers and maintaining our image as good corporate citizens.

Keeping in view the growing demand for steel in the region, our expansion projects are in full swing which will increase our production capacity to 180,000 MTPA of Billets and 200,000 MTPA of TMT Bars.

As an existing or potential customer, your support is highly valued as we continue to grow and participate in the development of the steel industry.


Mr. Avinash Chandra Gupta

Managing Director

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