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Shri Badrinarain Alloys & Steels Limited (SBASL) was incorporated in 1988 as a steel manufacturing organization based in Kolkata, India. The company began its manufacturing operations with a single unit producing mild steel. The company now boasts of a multi-sectional, high speed and continuous rolling mill. The firm produces a wide spectrum of products in the constructional steel segment. Primary product line can be classified as high strength deformed bars of various sizes.

The state of the art rolling mill is located on the national highway, 40 kilometers away from Kolkata in West Bengal. The company has continuously expanded its production capacities exponentially and integrated their vertical operations to exploit the economics of production.

The management is committed in its mission of satisfying customers by providing good quality products at competitive prices. Quality control is an integral part of the business activities, which has allowed the firm to maintain its standards in the market. Innovation, technology enhancement and diversification have served as a tool to survive cut throat competition and other macro-economic adversities.

In December 2002 the firm tied up with a German firm called EVCON TECHNOLOGIES to manufacture thermo mechanically treated (TMT) bars. TMT Bars are those, which are being used in the western countries for construction due to its superior qualities of high strength and better weldability etc. These bars are not common in India due to additional capital and manufacturing costs involved. SBASL has been amongst the first to introduce these bars in this region. The firm launched TMT Bars in West Bengal in June 2003 under the brand name SHRICON.

The management cadre of SBASL is a judicious blend of entrepreneurial and professional skills. They have been immaculate in policy formulation, decision making and implementing their strategies. The management has incited an extremely congenial work culture, which has been a major driving force for the subordinates.

Today, SBASL has been successful in being counted amongst the largest producers of TMT Bars in Eastern India with a reputation, which speaks of magnitude and quality. It has transformed itself to meet the challenges of a highly competitive domestic market.


    • 1988 - the birth of Shri Badrinarain Alloys and Steels Limited (SBASL) with manufacturing License Number CM/L-5108651 for producing high strength Deformed Steel Bars.


    • Within two decades, we evolved into one of the Eastern India's largest rolling mills - operating a fully composite steel plant with induction furnaces and state-of-the-art infrastructure at Kulgahcia, Uluberia, Howrah, West Bengal.
    • It imparts high strength to the bars using the latest technology of thermo mechanical treatment as against cold twisting.


    • SBASL today is one of the largest producers of quality construction steel in Eastern India.


    • Innovation and technology has been an integral part of our forte- German Based Evcon Turbo Technologies for cooling process. The technology used in the design of the Evcon Cooling equipment ensures very rapid quenching of rebars during production. This process is called MAR TAMPERING using two stage cooling, thereby getting a homogeneous structure at the core.


    • SHRICON TURBO TMT Bars are superior high strength deformed bars produced by using this process.

We have been certified under ISO 9001:2008 for maintaining high end global standards.




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