The Instruction manual for Billet casting at CCM

A. Safety Instructions - Safety precautions in the area of liquid steel i.e. around ladle handling, casting floor.

The Following Safely materials must be used by the operators :

  1. Protective helmet with neck place,
  2. Blue / white glass goggles,
  3. Arm & leg guard (Asbestos materials)
  4. Steel cap safety shoes,
  5. All other personnel of CCM must wear helmets & safety boots.

B. Preparation, of steel prior to casting.

  1. Killed steel dioxides primarily with silicon to be taken.
  2. To de-oxide liquid steel as per requirement
  3. Employing de-slugging device

Ladle preparation - Lining is generally divided into two parts and must be checked regularly

  1. Permanent lining with  50-60% alumina bricks
  2. Working lining with 65-85% alumina bricks

Tundish practice -

1. Distribution of molten metal. 2. Inclusion separation. 3. Control of steel flow rate.

In open pouring the following materials to be checked;

1. Tundish

2. Well block

3. Tundish nozzle

Stopper rod preparation before casting :

  1. Spanner size 60 with long handle. 
  2. Fork keys 55 with long handle.
  3. Spirit level.
  4. Brush.
  5. Liquid mixture with oil & graphite powder.

Pressure and temperature of the water:

Primary water pressure 45 kg/m2, flow - 950 -1000 Imp.

Secondary water pressure 3.5kg/cm2 in ring zone.

1st zone -1.5 kg/cm2

2nd zone - 0.5 kg/cm2

Mould cooling


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