Instruction manual for Billet casting at CCM

A. Safety Instruction - Safety precautions in the area of liquid steel i.e. around ladle handling, casting floor.

Safely materials are to be used by the operators :

  1. Protective helmet with neck place,
  2. Blue / white glass goggles,
  3. Arm & leg guard (Asbestos materials)
  4. Steel cap safety shoes,
  5. All other personnel of CCM must wear helmet & safety boots.

B. Preparation, of steel prior to casting.

  1. Killed steel dioxides primarily with silicon to be taken.
  2. To de-oxide liquid steel as per requirement
  3. Employing de-slugging device

Ladle preparation - Lining is generally divided into two parts and must be checked regularly

  1. Permanent lining with alumina bricks 50-60%
  2. Working lining with alumina bricks 65-85%

Tundish practice -

1. Distribution of molten metal. 2. Inclusion separation. 3. Control of steel flow rate. In open pouring the following materials to be checked.

1. Tundish. 2. Well block. 3. Tundish nozzle.

Stopper rod preparation before casting :

  1. Spanner size 60 with long handle. 
  2. Fork keys 55 with long handle.
  3. Spirit level.
  4. Brush.
  5. Liquid mixture with oil & graphite powder.

Pressure and temperature of the water:

Primary water pressure 45 kg/m2, flow - 950 -1000 Imp.

Secondary water pressure 3.5kg/cm2 in ring zone.

1st zone -1.5 kg/cm2

2nd zone - 0.5 kg/cm2.

Mould cooling

The following things are to be checked and maintained :

  1. 8 to 12 m/sec to avoid distortion.
  2. Soft water should be used with 10 ppm. PH - 6.5 - 8.5