• Products

    Shricon reinforced TMT bar of Grade Fe 415, Fe 500 and Fe 500D. Manufactured under globally acclaimed quality standards, it meets the Bureau of Indian Standard norms and bears the ISI mark.

  • Quality

    Our moderate steel making technology and relentless quality control help us to produce 'TMT bars which are in compliance with 500 D grade specifications.

  • Brand

    Originated in 1988, and a major architect of infrastructure development, Shricon is Eastern India’s leading reinforcement steel producer. Our moderate strategies bring laurel in today’s highly competitive market.

  • CSR

    The company participates in various welfare activities that benefit the community to fulfil their responsibility of maintaining a balance between their business operations and socio-environmental imperatives.

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Shri Badrinarain Alloys & Steels Limited (SBASL) was incorporated in 1988 as a steel manufacturing organization based in Kolkata, India. The company began its manufacturing operations with a single unit producing mild steel. The company now boasts of a multi-sectional, high speed and continuous rolling mill. The firm produces a wide spectrum of products in the constructional steel segment. Primary product line can be classified as high strength deformed bars of various sizes.


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Over the years, we at Shri Badrinarain Alloys & Steel Limited (Brand- SHRICON) have successfully achieved a remarkable

reputation for our company for delivering best quality, flexibility and reliability of our products and service offering.


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